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Saturday, October 07, 2006

are you dating anyone?

how are you supposed to answer this question?

if like 60 people ask the same night if i have a boyfriend, what am i supposed to say? cuz yeah, i could say that im dating someone exclusively. but theyre not asking me if im dating someone, theyre asking me if i have a boyfriend that im going to marry sometime in the next couple years. and obviously i dont have a "yes" answer for that. so then they offer to introduce me to boys that they know...but i cant very well be out meeting boys if i have someone that i am dating exclusively. it's very complicated.

so then the one time i say that im dating someone and not thinking about marriage, the response i get is "why have a summer internship when you could be looking for a full time job?"

quite the analogy.


At 4:45 PM, Anonymous rogge said...

because, with a summer internship is pays well with good hours and a full time job means same amount of pay but with longer hours.


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