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Friday, June 01, 2007

It's just a text message, right?

I've decided that trying to get a new job is like flirting with someone you have a crush on via electronic media. You feel really particular about every single character you type: in which order they go, how far apart you use them, how much punctuation. It's really a nerve-wracking experience.

I keep hitting refresh on my email, hoping for a new message - just some semblance of hope that they might be interested; that my last message didn't come on too strong..or not strong enough for that matter.

I obsess over the last thing I sent them:
Was there any possibly way this could be distorted to make me be a freak? No way right? Should I ask a friend? Yes, I'm asking a friend.

Your friend reassures you that everything is fine:
Of course they won't hold that typo against you. No one's makes you endearing. Of course they got the message...don't follow up for a few don't want to seem needy.

But now that the thought is in your mind, you can't shake it. What if they DIDN'T get my thank you note? Should I send it again? Should I use a little less intrusive form of media? I don't want to call..maybe I should send a facebook poke. An IM? A text message. Yes..that's it. I'll send a text message. It says "Hey, I care...but not enough to waste my minutes on you if you cant even send me a measely little 'Hey I got your thank you note it was great talking with you too' email you inconsiderate douchebag."

Every minute feels like an hour...every Outlook email notification feels like a hot fudge sundae...every work-related email instead feels like a blow to your turning stomach.

You begin to get over the weren't that into them anyway. What was it really going to do for your life? You are wayyyy to good for them. Psh, probably doesn't even provide good oral benefits. HMO my ass, you grumble.

But then you realize it's only been 22 hours since your meeting, and they probably have shit going on too. Afterall, THEY probably don't want to seem needy either.

I'm gonna hit refresh one more time today..just in case.


At 2:20 PM, Blogger firoz said...

hand written notes are always the best...text message? you crazy kids and your technology, although i bet only YOU could get away with a text message.

the last job i applied for, i had to submit a research report on the company and how to improve their market value...of course i didn't hear back, i bet they just stole my ideas lol

At 11:37 PM, Blogger moneybags said...

we want to see the renewal of the blog!!!!!!


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