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Friday, December 03, 2004


Whoa, I havent blogged in SO long. Haven't really felt bloggy. Well, I'm back!
So I decided yesterday that I'm really short. I guess I never realize it because I'm always standing near Laura or Indian girls, who aren't the tallest of the bunch, so I always think that I'm sort of average height. But yesterday there were these jr high kids on campus doing some sort of school assignment, and and one of them stopped to ask me a question. I thought the kid was like 30 he was so tall. And then it struck me -- I'm just That short. And THEN, I got to thinking...I Never ever see the tops of peoples heads. But people always see the top of my head! that's so weird.

I have so few days of college left. It's whack. I decided one of the best parts of college is having a break in class midday and coming home to find Saved by the Bell and the Cosbys on. That stops when you start working :(

Today at work my department got to watch the near final cut of Lemony Snicket's a Series of unfortunate events at the paramount theater. It was this really awesome feeling cuz that's the first movie that I got to see go from start --> finish with the marketing process. It was so strange, like I knew what was gonna happen, I had seen soo many stills from the movie months ago so I knew all the sets and how the imagery would progress. I had gone through clips to select for TV spots, so when they came, I knew them too. I'd corresponded with producers and stuff so when the credits came, I knew the names! It was a really really cool feeling. I'm gonna miss this place :( But next week for my last day, they reserved one of the theaters on the lot and we're going to watch a movie and order sushi :) Yay i'm so excited!

I'm not so excited about finals and final projects. Shit this is my last "last day of the semester." *sigh.

Here are some announcements I've been meaning to ramble about:

--Check out if you can. It's this awesome software where you can type an address and zoom into satelite images fo that place. But it's not ghetto like the mapquest one...this one is really clear, And you can do a street level view! Try tokyo, it's very developed.

--If you can, go see the california science center bodyworks exhibit. it was AWESOME.

--I get to write a 10 page term paper in which my professor is excited about me devoting a large chunk to a discussion of blogs. Oh yes. I get to write about blogs. I love my papers--it's basically turning whatever my hobby of the moment is into something substantial. Last semster I wrote a 18 page paper about the rhetoric of knitting. This semester: blogs.