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Life has become very busy. This space is for me to share my experiences, ramblings and quirkiness with anyone who cares to read them. I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you're someone I used to talk to a lot but have lost touch with. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


It's 12:40 and i'm in a lab. Three dumb little projects due tomorrow but I dont know that I can make it through the 3rd one..i definitely dont think i want to be here working with premiere for another hour. I'm chatting and blogging to see if maybe i feel better afterwards, but i'm a wimp...probably gonna go home. But i dont wanna wallllkkk. Ok enough whining.

I attended a hapa club meeting this evening (the "half" club..really anyone who wants to talk about mixed ethnicity). Kevin and Laura are on the board. It was some interesting discussion, but there was this one really annoying girl in my group who almost soured the experience. Other than that it was cool; nice to attend a club meeting where people actually talk about things that affect them. That's one of the things that Ive always felt lacking with SCIA but it seems as if the member desire just isnt there. And I suppose you cant force it. I cant tell if it's that the member desire isnt there, or if anyone who would potentially be intrigued is either turned off by our other activities (and assumes we dont do these activities) or is just too lazy to attend even if we arrange the programming. Hmm...regardless, I have enough on my plate I think. =)

I did some job hunting today, which actually inspired me to do more job hunting. I kind of enjoy it in a sick way. I found some jobs that I'd really like. Job hunting did however make me realize that looking for a job-job and looking for an internship-job are quite different. I feel like ive got the whole internship thing down, i can get one of those. But that's also because there's this underlying assumption (with me at least) that there's no real expecations of you to know things. It's designed for you to learn things, so all you have to be is a mildly quick learner and have a good sense of humor and it's ok. But with a job, you have to like know shit before you go in to it. Supposedly, all this stuff i've "learned" over the past few years is supposed to come into play. WTF.

I suppose i have a decent portfolio but it's not exactly assembled. So that's on the agenda. And what if im fortunate enough to get some sort of interview, and i get asked something serious about what id bring to a company...I'd be like "uh...i can teach this office how to make the most of your AIM profile" or "hey! i know how to regulate the cardiovascular room at the gym when people are cutting in line." I need to get my act!

Oh well, i suppose there's no need to freak out. I think i'm small enough to fit in a box and live in one if it comes down to that. maybe a really big box. I wish there way to get paid for being able to identify any given Cosby Show episode within the first 2 lines of dialogue. I'd be SO good at that. I could do that with saved by the bell and friends too. Dammit.

Yeah so I dont think im going to finish this project right now. It's late and i need rest. Otherwise in hindi class tomorrow I'll fall asleep and no one will be awake to wake up maurice and pranav.


Props to Laura for helping make hapa what it is. We truly are the apasa apartment.

I had more but i forgot.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Back from SF

i Love san francisco! And I say this everytime i go there. I ate a lot of junk this weekend, but hey, sometimes you gotta say "cholesterol is my friend" and be on your way. I got a manicure on thursday. they didnt put topcoat on and it really upset me. i ended up having to buy some myself. After that, i went to the standard downtown with lynn and her friend james who was in from dc. that was seriously the first time ive had a really good time at the standard. there was some private party and we couldnt get in, so we went to the 12th floor hoping to find a guest in the hotel that could get us in. we ended up meeting this scottish actor who got us in. And all these other people ended up being there, so it was fun. And i spent a relatively small amount of money, so it was even better. And before we went out, we ate pizza at Eat Love on main street which is always a good thing.

I drove up to SF with my roomies. the car ride up was great. I'm the queen of road trip games. we played MASH (my future promises a good husband and car but like 36 kids living somewhere shady) I wrote the word MASH in hindi. Hindi script amused me and laura for a good 6 minutes. I also invented the positivity game where everyone had to say things that they like about everyone else in the car. We ended up playing that game for like the last two hours of the trip, and even once we got to SF we preceded every sentence with "i like how..." (Ex: "i like how kevin's mom's name is sherry.")

We stayed at Ian's apartment in the city. It's quite a nice place. (Thanks Ian and Ozy) Ozy and Yousef took us to bars on friday night. So much fun! And I didnt even drink! Everything had a lot of character. We saw this crazy band with these 45 year old groupies at this once place. It was like sensory overload -- SO many people doing SO many funny things that I didnt know where too look. Ive never seen less rhythm in one room before in my life. It was fantastic. Oooh and I met 3 non indian girls (such awesome girls) that have been SCIA members in past years. It was really random...they were Yousef's friends from SC and we're sitting at this bar, and one of the girls is all, "have you heard of SCIA?" and i was like "uh..yess..." And we talked about it. I was hangin out with 3 white girls...youd think that I could get away from scia for like 5 minutes...=)

On saturday, pranav and I went to the game..SO fun. It was a good game, we sat with fun people. I had a ridiculous case of the giggles the whole time. My evening turned sort of poopy after that though. Poopy in a "this was the worst evening ever but i'm laughing about it" sort of way. Pranav and I powerwalked for 2 hours after the game trying to find our car (*note powerwalking for 2 hours in platforms will make your legs hurt a lot the next day*). Let's just say that by the end of the night, the story I told about it involved pee, sewage and mud--and i took a very very long shower that night.

Anyway, all in all it was a great last weekender though =( Now I get to do lots of work. Back to reality!

Firoz just told me that stressed backwards is desserts. What a good thing to know.

Sanj - in hindi class we were doing numbers, and i got called on to say "eleven."

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Activity Night a success!!

YAY!! We had Such a good turnout at our first ever activity night! Like 25 people came, and most of them were new faces! A lot of them were graduate students who had this negative impression SCIA, but I think tonight really changed their opinions, which is FANTASTIC! AND there was no boozin!!! We did have root beer floats:) mmmmm.
Best lines from tonight:
"you put these in the microwaves" .... "babies!!"
"you wake up to this" ... "boner!!"
We got some sick, sick people on board. I love it =)

Sonny Gulati is AWESOME. When he smiles, I smile. I genuinely mean that. And he's surprisingly good at keeping taboo score on the chalk board. He's also the best webmaster I could ask for..... hmm.......

Puja Ravani is also great...thank you for the positive feedback:)

Rena is very good at organizing activity nights. I love trash talking her in taboo.

I'm about to go to Saurabh's apartment so he can feed me white dhokla. I LOVE THIS KID!! :oD

Blogged down

More like bogged down, but I thought it was clever. Yesterday was one hectic day. It ended nicely, with a random trip to habibi at like midnight. it was me, ali, laura and ryan. A strange mix, but Really fun! I absolutely love getting to know new people.

Hindi class is fun. I feel like we're in the 3rd grade, cuz i know everyone in the class and we pass notes and stuff. And when we get super sleepy and she gives us a 10 minute break, we come back to class all energized after running around and then get sleepy again after 15 minutes. It's great. It turns out sona is also a conjugated form of "to sleep," and we were conjugating "to want." So this girl behind me whispers "i want to sona with sona." Very mature.

I'm at work right now. It's super swamped here. It was sort of a crappy start to the day cuz i found out there's a good chance i cant leave work early on friday (impeding on my rockstar SF weekender plans) and i was sad. Plus everyone got chewed out yesterday, including me and i wasnt even here. On a positive note, Erin, my manager, has told me that she wants to offer me an account coordinator position once she starts at the new firm. On a negative to that positive note, nothing could be close to finalized til like december, which sucks for its really a super backup. Must find job!!

I like working here. It's nice that i have a special place here and that i know my way around/know people/can speak authoritatively about stuff that goes on. I just ate a ton of pizza for lunch. I have this weird feeling where i feel sick, but am desperately craving chocolate. *sigh, my schizo stomach.

Ok well this was sort of boring.

Ali is the best neighbor EVER! He fixed me some chocolate ice cream and strawberries! :oD

The gym really did make me feel 8000 times happier yesterday.

I genuinely like helping other people out. I wish i had more resources to do so.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Ronald McDonald

I passed by some SC cheerleaders on campus today, and my immediate thought was "Ronald McDonald." No, this isn't some sad way of trying to mask my jealousy of their bodies; my jealousy is shameless. But honestly, bright red clowny lipstick and THE SHOES!! Yellow and red bowling shoes! All they need are signs that say "$1 Tuesdays are Back!" and I might not be able to tell the difference.

I trained the new intern at work today. Strange that I'm in the position to train somebody. I was like "uh...this is how you load a buddy list." I'm kidding, training him made me realize how much I do there. I'm underpaid. I did tell him that I was satisfied with mediocrity and how I found his arrival threatening. He promised me I had nothing to worry about. This kid is from Emerson...he's taking one class in LA this semester and working the same number of hours as me. I fired him.

I need to go to the gym immediately, as Ive become Very cranky. We all know that a cranky sona is a sona who has not see the gym in a few days.

I'm excited about SCIA activity night on Wednesday. I think that we should have taboo tournaments or something. I could start a club called USC TABOO. and it WOULDNT be an acronym!!

Today's announcements:
Asian groups that are acroynms are starting to bug me. apasa, apass, apso, sacc, saaw, casa to name a few. Make it stop!

pranav rocks!

santhosh imed me to tell me he listened to dil dooba today. I'm so glad the legacy lives on.

Listening to DMB and radiohead makes me very happy.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

I DO think!

So, I'm kind of hyper today and thought, hmmmph, why not blog? I have a lot to ramble about. I had omelette parlor for breakfast today. If you haven't been there, go.

I had to go to a leadership conference thingie today for Asian Pacific American Student Association...i think thats what apasa stands for. There were 3 scia people (thanks ravi and pranav!) and a whoooooolllle lotta asians + kevin. The entire time I was singing in my head, "which one of these doesnt belong?" Incidentally, i think kevin belonged more than we did. I was really dreading the thing, and it sucked. However, i wanted to recognize at least one benefit of the activity and I guess it was that it reminded me what what it means to be a good leader and run a successful student organization, because I think I've been slipping out of frustration and exhaustion. Also, I got free chips and a pen.

This evening, laura and i learned that pranav only weighs like 5 or 10 lbs more than we do. Pranav seriously weighs as much as my ass. It made us want to cry and vomit both at the same time. I think we'll have fun driving to SF this weekend :o) Nothing is better than joint pranav nagging.

I have an assload of work to do. Schoolwork + scia stuff. oh yeah and i have to find a job. Haha Alnur just told me i have a never ending supply of errands. Quite true...if you ever have a shortage of errands, come to me - I'm like the godfather of errands. I have them organized alphabetically, by distance from home, And by length of time. Just kidding I dont, but I could. Yeeeaaah, what now biatch.

Today's announcements:
Kevin shaved his beard. Alas, a hobo no more.
Menlo apartment 13 (or are you guys 12?) is awesome.
ami puvvada is also awesome.
i ate a lot of cheese today. mmmm cheese.