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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wait times.

Something to ponder.
Today I called our IT Client services for a little question regarding our email program. The automated message informed me that the wait time would be approximately one minute and 5 seconds.

I thought that was strange. It was strange that it specified the extra five seconds, when IT is almost never even within a 3 minute range of the estimate wait time. So why tell me the seconds?

Incidentally, I was on hold for 7 minutes. I timed it.

Sorry this was kind of boring.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Da Vinci Crap

Some of you may remember me talking about this a couple weeks ago. Some Toronto newspaper is upset because the art in the style guide my department created doesn't show all the full details of the Vitruvian man. And then one of our licencing partners decided to gloss over the "details" of the Vitruvian Man's willy a little more when creating t-shirts and other licensed goods (understandably). It was this whole issue here. But they wrote the article anyway.

The crap we deal with.


why is it that we always want what we cant have? it's odd.

Bring it.

This woman is officially on my dead list. It's like 10 lines long..just read it.

Annoying not just because she says that people in Los Angeles are stupid, but because she's just so damn New York self-righteous. And the worst part is, I bet she's one of those people who has only read the Da Vinci code. Sanj raised an excellent point the other day - the problem with New Yorkers isn't so much that they think they're better than everyone. It's that they feel the need to tell everyone how much better they are than everyone. Could they be any more insecure? It's like how I tell everyone that I'm seriously the coolest person I know.

I'm also kind of tired of everyone talking about how stupid and shallow Angelenos are. There are stupid and shallow people everywhere. Yeah Hollywood is shallow, but at least it knows it's shallow and makes fun of itself. That's what celebrity reality TV is - people in hollywood making tv shows about dumber people in hollywood. Because it's amusing, and partly to make the rest of the country feel better about itself. There, I've given depth to the shallowness. And to say that there's no art, blahpity blah. This city is full of some of the most talented people in the country who came here to try to "make it." Of course there are talent-less idiots here too, but let's not say that it's everyone.

Really, the thing with LA is, if you don't like it - quit your bitching and leave. There are plenty of people wanting to get in.

And yes, I'm aware that my blogging about an article from the post makes me pretty shallow :-)

Monday, April 17, 2006


My friend Kim is one of those great girl friends that everyone needs - the friend who whenever I mention a new boy I might be interested in, I know the first thing she wants to ask me is what his last name is so she can decide if my future name is acceptable. She also wants to know his career path so she knows if there is any possibility that he might lead me back to Chicago.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg of reasons why I love Kim.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I read this article a few days ago about paying for higher education today. Since college costs are so high, there's this trend for more and more parents to shift the financial burden onto their children. Up til now, it was seen as the parents responsibility if possible to take on most of the burden for tuition. It suggests that a couple things could be going on:
1) More kids are encouraging their parents to save that money for retirement so they dont have to worry about them in their old age
2) Americans are just so used to living in debt now that parents don't really see a problem with shifting that burden of tuition to their children.

Interesting, I think. But what does that mean for the majority of these private/out-of-state school tuition paying kids leaving their undergraduate degrees over $160K in debt? I don't know if it means anything at all. But as much as I looooved my college experience, would I have gone to USC with out any financial assistance from the school or my parents if I knew I'd be that much more in debt?

Probably not. You know why? I AM NOT COMFORTABLE WITH LIVING WITH LARGE AMOUNTS OF DEBT. Am i the only one? I know Kim isnt. Anyone else? Anyone.

Reading is for pansies..and stuff

There are some people I know, namely Sanjiv and Adam, who seem to have always read everything and know everything that's going on in the world. Those people that can contribute to any conversation because they've read something on the subject. The same people that have read every book in the history of the world that comes up in conversation. The same people that know every sports stat/fact during the past eleventy years.

Will someone please explain to me, HOW, if you have a full time job, active social life, and watch tv (which most of these people do), do you read EVERYTHING? And retain it all?! Where do they find the time? Am I just watching THAT much tv? Or are they just really THAT good at nodding and smiling? That's it. I'm reading more. And nodding and smiling more.

Monday, April 10, 2006

My promise.

In light of yet another woman in my department telling me she's pregnant (this makes 6), I wrote my boss the following email:
Dear Sachi,

I promise not to get pregnant before May 2007.


She was very amused. May 2007 b/c that's when Spider-Man 3 releases.

what the hell is up with indians

This is kind of long and boring.

It feels good to be passionate about something again, even if it's really trivial. I attended SCIA's culture show this saturday. It was the 11th annual, and since eleven is the best number in the world ever, I thought it might be good. And it was. The skit and mc's were spectacular...and other than that, it was better than expected. It was my first time in the audience..and let me tell you: it is DAMN hard not to be really critical while in the audience of something you've run before. And since I'm not one to resist temptation, I was pretty critical. Let me also tell you: i am NOT pleased with the fact that the opening and thank you speeches I wrote two years ago are still partly used, word for word. Come on people, it wasn't even that good of a speech.

The real reason I'm feeling kind of fired up about the night was not so much the show itself, but more what the organization has become. I know, I know, most people are like, "what do you's just a college club...move on..blapity bloo bla." And I totally get all of that. But when you dedicate so much time and effort to make something great because you believe in the positive effect it can have on people, it's really really disappointing to see that turned around within a year's time. Especially since I read that Newsweek Jhumpa Lahiri "Indian-American article", and the fear of the culture dying off here. When I was on board junior year, I felt like we really got people interested that wouldnt otherwise have been, and we ended up doing good for the community.

My beef with the club today:
1) Whoring themselves for corporate sponsorships. What the hell was up with the 5 minute tribute to Chaudry fashions DURING the show, not even at intermission. And the Chaundry Fashions Presents in huge type on the flyer. Just cuz its easier to whore out the show to one major sponsor instead of working to fundraise with other sponsorships and sell tickets, doesnt make it right.
2) NO mention of a charity or philanthropic cause. Pranav raised an excellent point, if theyre getting major sponsors to fund the show and evidently not putting any effort into philanthropy (not even a pass the can during the show?), then what purpose do all those parties serve? These parties are supposed to be fundraisers for all the other "good" things SCIA does. If it's just to secure a more "sick" banquet location, then they're not acting on a large part of the organization's mission statement.

Those are two of the major things. I know most students dont care about these issues, but it's a reputation thing. After 2004, SCIA had this great reputation among the community, at USC and across California. Being a part of it meant that you were actually doing some good for the south asian community, even if all the members didn't know it...that was part of the responsibility you took on with being a board member. We'd even worked really hard to set up a lifetime scholarship and I don't remember a mention of it (though I could have missed it), and I haven't seen any publicity of it by the club.

That's the disappointing part. It feels like it just doesn't mean anything anymore. It's a party organization just like every other group. This totally seems like a silly rant, but at least I'm not alone in feeling like this. The ex-board members from the past several years who really cared have all expressed similar sentiments. It might just be cyclical, which is fine too. I'll have to end this with...whatever. :-)

2 more things: 1) Indian girls dont look Indian any more, what's the deal? 2) Why werent the boys this cute when I was a freshman? Four years too late and four years too early I tell ya. :-)