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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blogging again-things i like

Things I like:
oatmeal. i really like oatmeal.
clorox cleaning wipes. product placement had all this leftover clorox product. I got So so excited because a coworker brought over 6 boxes of what says clorox disinfecting wipes. We opened them, and found that it was actually the spray cleaner. I was irrationally disappointed
brandweek. I highly recommend this magazine to someone who likes to read snippets, and get a little sense of whats going on in the business world from a marketing standpoint. It covers a lot of ground, and it's good stuff to know, either from a marketer's or consumer's standpoint.
hbo. when it replays my favorite movies over and over. i mean repitition that could make you nauseous. Only because it's this really comforting feeling, that if you want, you can flip to something that'll make you laugh.
sotiris's greek accent. Sotiris is my brother's friend that is staying with us for a while. (yes we have a lot of house guests, andrea is staying with us too) I love listening to him talk. And he calls me 'little bug' but it sounds like 'leetul bahg.'
And as always, turning radius of my car. It really is nice. (or as sotiris would say, 'rrrrreeeallly nyyyys'

Things I don't like (just the tip of the iceberg):
wanting a granola bar from the work pantry and discovering that we're out. it bites.
wait no, it doesnt bite, because i'm not biting in to a granola bar.

Ok i'll stop now.

My mind is running at a mile per minute

Eek I havent blogged in so long but this is the first time I've felt like rambling. With that said...

Working makes me take holidays for granted in a different way. Now, I'm just so excited about getting a day off that I dont really care what it's for. For example, it totally didn't click with me that the reason Monday is a holiday is the 4th of July. I mean duh, it's the 4th of July, but I didnt feel the same emotion that I usually feel with the 4th of July. I an email advertisement for a 4th of July sale and it said "Celebrate their birthday and our country's" and I was like...our country's birthday? What the hell? and then it clicked. and for the first time in all my discussions of 4th of July plans I realized that we get to watch fireworks and barbeque! And it's summer! (which LA has Definitely made me take for granted)And oh yeah...its America's birfday =)

I had jury duty last week. After driving downtown to that courthouse, i got randomly selected as one of 13 people out of 100 to get relocated to an EAST LA COURT!! While going through the juror interview process there, I tried to fib my way out of it, so as not to get chosen, but it didnt work! Let me tell you, they were not very discriminative. So I sat through an alleged DUI/posession of marijuana trial. Really the only positive thing was getting out at 4:30 pm, instead of 6 if I was at work, and the super super hot prosecuting attorney. Thank God the trial only lasted 1 1/2 days (plus the day of juror selection), and I ended up being the jury foreperson on the last day. The shitty thing about being the jury foreperson is that when we found the defendant guilty, he looked at me like it was my fault. Scary!

The good thing about being the jury foreperson...1) I got to put all my wonderful leadership training to use. Sweet. 2) When we checked out of jury service, I was the last one to leave, and as I walked out of the juror room, the hot hot prosecuting attorney was waiting for me ::heart dropped to knees::! he wanted to talk to me about the case and my opinion of how he did, and blah blah. Apparently it was his first case and he wanted some feedback. Please note, I'm melting at this point. And then he goes "So you work at Sony right?" and I'm like...AHH he remembers where I work. And THEN he goes... "yeah my wife used to work there!" Talk about biggest let down ever. But I dont think i showed any signs of disappointment. All in all, it was a pretty decent experience. And I didn't miss too much work. It was the fun week though, because all of the execs were in new york for a conference. As they say, when the cat's away, the mice wil play. Boy did we play. Took shots on monday, did some work in front of the tv on tuesday. Too bad I missed the rest of the fun week.

Anyway, boss is still out and I'm still sightly bored. So I'm enjoying it by loading up online shopping carts, but logging out before I can click "buy this." Well see if that changes today!

Oh and updates:
I moved to Santa Monica, at lincoln and pico.
I like to beach bum like crazy now. In fact, i got sun burned this weekend for the first time in 4 years.
I bought an orchid for our apartment. Some are concerned that I've gone yuppie.
I'm looking to reconnect with old friends and make new friends. Hit me up if youre around and want to hang out :o)