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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Quintessential LA day

Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me I'm in LA. With all the bitching I've been doing lately about my life getting boring and nothing new happening...and with work being so slow, I was falling into a slump. This week, however, has definitely shaken things up. Work has actually been really busy and I've been staying late and what not. On top of that, all the guests are pretty much out of the Gajiwala Free Hostel of Santa Monica, so life feels a little bit more settled. Minus the HEAT.

We had this huge meeting with McDonalds yesterday morning. Their 10-year promotions contract with Disney is almost up and they are shopping around for new films (people to do their happy meals and what not), so they flew in from Oak brook (DUPAGE WOOT WOOT) this week to visit all the major studios. We'd put together a great presentation and what not for them, but i volunteered to go to the building across the studio and help set stuff up. We had this guy who makes clay animated characters bringing some of his work to illustrate on of our animated films. He was really particular about stuff, but I guess after meeting me, he said that I was the only person he'd trust with helping. Which meant that he trusted the 5'0 tall girl in spiked heals to help carry months of highly fragile clay work into the building.

On the plus side, I got to drive a golf cart around the studio for the first time. It was pretty baller...unfortunately, my legs are really short and its hard to reach the pedals :-(

On my second trip to the building, my coworker Pearl went with me, and as we were driving down, Adam Sandler was driving next to us in the opposite direction. So Pearl goes "hi adam!" like theyre bff or something..and he goes "hi girls!" it was cute. and pearl is a lame-o.

Later that night, I went to a premiere! It was my first time going to a premiere as someone's guest, and not working it. My friend Emery edited this new film, The Aristocrats, and invited me to the premiere. It was so awesome because it was a small er premiere size-wise, so like 80% of the people there were celebrities. ANd they werent all these highbrow, snooty celebrities. The movie was a documentary about a really vile joke, and all these really great comedians that told this joke in the movie were there. And there were yummy appetizeders and open bar at the reception afterwards :-) PS, john stamos got really old looking but has a hot girlfriend.

There were a couple odd things about being at that premiere. First, normally at a party where I didnt know anyone, I'd feel ok going up to a stranger and talking to hiim or her. But here, almost every stranger was someone who would have thought I was a groupie. And I didnt want that. INstead, i became the groupie of the hot guy who carried around kebabs on a tray.

The other thing is that I realized that I've perfected the "people watching at publicized events" face. I didnt know that I even tried, but I found last night that every time I wasnt talking, and just staring into space, I had a really mellow, pleasant smile on my face. So nobody thought I was staring at them, and in case I made eye contact with someone, at least I was smiling. I read through press breaks every day and see these ridiculous people in the backgrounds with their mouths wide open or staring all blankly into space. And there's nothing wrong with that, but i'm like subconsciously aware of it. Very strange. Too bad in every other situation in my life, I cant walk without tripping over my own two feet or bumping into walls and doors and things.

Overall it was a really cool day full of new experiences. And I randomly ran into two girls from my year's culture show (once at lunch with the department execs, and once in the hollywood parking lot). Very random!

Otherwise things are good, I have a very tentatively empty weekend ahead of me and I'm planning vacations for the rest of the year. YAY!