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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've been saving up a lot of thoughts...

And no one likes a Sona with thoughts in her head, so I'd better let them out.

- I love watching toddlers who just learned how to walk like 2 days ago walk around airports. Especially when they have giant diapers on. Actually, only when they have diapers on. Comfortable toddlers don’t interest me as much.

- It makes me sad when I spontaneously come up with really badass categories for the “category” part of the drinking game Kings (or Waterfalls, or whatever you choose to call it), but then realize I’m too old to ever play that game again. I came up with “Types of Apples” earlier today, which works really well, because it’s not only fruit, but computer models too…genius, right?! I would Never lose with that category. I’ll write it down and give it to the toddler for when he’s old enough.

- Used teabags are kinda gross.

- When I’m sick, it really doesn’t matter how weak and tired I am, I have this irresistible urge to crawl out of bed and buy unnecessary flu supplies at Walgreens. It’s like a disease. I won’t even want to take NyQuil but I NEED to have some at my bedside for moral support. And we could have boxes and boxes of tissues lying around the house, but I am DESPERATE for pocket packs. It’s like my brain doesn't think I’m giving myself a shot at getting better unless I spend an exorbitant amount of money on crap. And then when it’s all over, the whole thing feels like the morning after a night out, when I drunkenly insisted on picking up everyone’s bar tabs for no good reason.

- I just accidentally looked up “wikipedia” on Wikipedia. For a split second while the page loaded, I honestly thought my computer would explode.

- How are men so good at convincing women they don’t want a relationship? Do they teach that in shop, or something?

- I think we should institute some rules for types of news that can be broken to friends electronically. For example, you can’t announce death via text message. You also shouldn't express condolences via text message. You also probably shouldn’t do these things via Facebook. I think maybe breaking up with someone in those ways is unacceptable too…but what really differentiates that from an email saying “hey, let’s just be friends?” I’ll test it out and get back on this.

- Alternatively, I’m pretty sure that a ring no longer makes an engagement official. A Facebook status change does, though. The moment you link your names with eternal hypertext…that’s when it’s for real.

- I think I spend a fair amount of time in public places watching people, pondering how ridiculous they are. But I wonder how much of that time is spent in vain because they’re not actually ridiculous, and I’m just misinterpreting the situation. For example, it is currently thirteen degrees outside, and there’s a young woman at the airport wearing a tube top and cut-offs (and uggs), swooning all over her [much older] husband. She’s got no coat in sight, and none of the flights here
**Sorry, distracted by the little toddler who has decided to crawl instead. He clearly made a #2 in his diaper**
Anyway, none of the flights in this terminal are going anywhere tropical. So, I’m totally judging this skankbag, but then I notice that she’s also got a COLD blended beverage from Starbucks. Maybe she has some sort of medical condition where she’s just hot all the time. Or, maybe she made a bet with aforementioned Arm Candy about how little she could get away with wearing in this weather. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to judge people, especially not the scantily clad.
Wait, no. Arm Candy just came back from the gift shop with a Chicago sweatshirt for her because she’s cold. She’s just a skankbag.