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Life has become very busy. This space is for me to share my experiences, ramblings and quirkiness with anyone who cares to read them. I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you're someone I used to talk to a lot but have lost touch with. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

It's been a while!

Note: this blog is long, but i think it's order of importance. If youre a trooper though, you'll make it all the way through. =)

I can't believe I haven't blogged in like 11 days! 11 is my lucky number, in case you didn't know. Talk about busy. I had this massive project due yesterday morning, plus like 4 back to back scia events last week...but now i can breathe again! YAY! I still have a monkeyload of work to catch up on and this whole job thingie, but TODAY IS A NEW DAY! Scream went quite well, no fights or anything! And i really liked my outfit. It took forever to find though. I've decided that i Really don't like fashion this season, which sucks, but is kind of good because it makes me not want to buy anything.

Paramount says I can intern here next semester full time for as long as I need to til I find a job which is comforting. But it won't support my swinger lifestyle for long. I dunno what to be for halloween. I really want to be a big clown or a pumpkin, but when youre a young female adult I guess those costumes arent allowed anymore:( You have to be all skanked out. This is why I dont dress up for halloween anymore. Basically the costume should consist of a leotard and some sort of animal ears right? So what if i was a skanky lobster. Those are the only animal ears i have. I Am a sexy crustacean. Are lobsters crustaceans?

I made an appointment with a dermatologist. I'm kind of excited. It's like an adultish doctor. Which almost makes me an adult. Wait did I just suggest that I be a sexy crustacean for halloween?

Shit we just had a fire alarm at work. My honest to god first concern was saving my blog.

Random stuff:
Can I please reiterate how much i love u2 and dmb. i swear when apple did this whole u2/vertigo thing, it was like my 2 favorite things coming together. i was so happy i said "EEEEEEEEEEhh"

There are a lot of female journalism majors with noticeably annoying voices. I dont mean annoying like my voice, I mean this horrible..ugh i cant describe it. And they think theyre the most important people in the world. It's funny how in Annenberg you can distinctly tell the difference b/w comm and jour majors. And the comm majors are generally representing a sorority. I should get an SCIA sweatshirt in greek letters so i can fit in.

I was thinking really bad thoughts about one of the annoying voice girls in my class last night until I had a cubs outburts (side story: someone was saying how people only like the cubs cuz theyre funny and i was like "uh, people like the cubs cuz theyre the best team Ever" and the whole class started laughing. and my professor said "why dont you tell us how you really feel, sona?") Anyway it turns out annoying voice girl is from chicago so we bonded and her voice didn't sound so annoying afterward. And no she didnt have an accent.

But anyway, I'm going to stop saying and tinking mean things about people. Making fun of them is ok cuz it's what I do, but I never used to be this evil. I'm not an evil person. I'm a genuinely nice person, but over the last year, I dunno what's been going on. I think my TODAY IS A NEW DAY motto will help. k bye!

Friday, October 15, 2004

I love fridays

Today was great. I came into work at 11 and told everyone i was late because my roommate's car was blocking mine. Lie, but they pittied me. By 12:30 the pizza was here, and we seriously played poker and just talked and ate for the next 3 hours. i did nothing. After that, brian and i played alittle more poker, and then i did work for like an hour. All the while goofing off. Almost everyone left early, but i'm sitting here with brian cuz i need the money :)

Brian's horrible though!! This guy on the second floor "asked me out" i guess and gave me his number on a post it. I brought it up with me and my phone was sitting there. So brian came over, dialed that damn number (knowing i'm not interested in this guy and with the intent of telling this guy that i'm not interested) and as soon as he answered, brian hung up. So of course guy called me back and was like "what just happened.." It was awkward. yes brian is one of my supervisors. I seriously Love working here. *sigh*

I'm awfully tired. Didnt get home from UCI's party til like 4 and didnt go to bed til like 4:30. I'm staying in tonight, job hunting and such even though i Really want to go to the garba! I must find work though :)

I like spending Friday night by myself at home. I think alone time is underrated. Maybe I just don't have enough of it. I sometimes think it would be cool to have like a little underground hole to live in every once in a while. But then I realize how that makes me saddam hussein.

Every once in a while, i have this fleeting feeling of having outgrown college. It makes me sad and frustrated at the same time. But this is no fun to talk about.

Why is everyone born in october? It's so weird. March is a good "get busy" month?

SANJIV CALLED ME TODAY!!! That seriously MADE my day. I cant wait til my whole family is back together again. It wont be for a while, i know, but i cant wait.

I wanna go do something fun. take a vacation or trip somewhere. just for a weekend. first i gotta find a free weekend :0)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I beat everyone again!

At poker that is...hehehehe =)

Distracting myself at work

I've been so perky lately. It's nuts. I'm really grumpy when I wake up, but within a half hour i'm happy. REALLY HAPPY. I have no real reason to be happy. But I wont fight it. You know how a lot of people get really happy when they're freshly in love? I'm not. Maybe that's it... I'm not in love!! YAY! (hmm that just doesnt sound right)

I'm at work right now, plodding through the work I have to do. I REALLY REALLY like my job and dont want to leave here =( Erin filled me in on all the entertainment industry gossip (like companies that are dying and who's getting fired, etc) so I'm very intrigued.
We're all going to eat lunch soon, which means playing poker. We seriously play every day that I'm working...last week I bet 7 people in one sitting! It's fantastic.

I made the BEST salmon two days was all due to the grilling. Sigh, I miss cooking! The only thing is, I have a tendency to injur myself a lot. I've cut a different finger every day this week!!

Job hunting has no leads for me. I suppose I'm not trying as hard as I should. However, I just realized that my boss Lisa (intimidating bitchy lady) has all these contacts to vice presidents of marketing at Apple. I dont know why this didnt occur to me sooner...we've done so many promos with apple in the past. However, I can't really approach her about it, so it's a bit of a conundrum...hmm i'll be sneaky and figure something out.

I've been so productive this's great. I think it helps to not go home and just spend hours on end in the lab doing stuff. We'll see how long this lasts...

This is the motto that i think is making me happy: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade...and then add vodka or freeze it to make one of those slushie things.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

America, Fuck Yeah!

That song is stuck in my head. It's from Team America World Police (that movie with all the puppets). I went to a press screening of it on Saturday... it's VERY funny. I can't wait till more people see it so we can exchange lines from it :) Btw, I have screenig passes for this tuesday in case anyone is interested.
I can't believe I havent blogged in a week!! I've really wanted to, but been so swamped. This past weekend especially! Last week was horrid, minus la barca night. Friday perked up because a wonderful friend made me a wonderful cd and sent it in the mail, and friday night was spent sitting on the couch, reading Lucky magazine, tagging all the pretty little clothes that i cant afford or fit into, and listening to music. THEN CAME SATURDAY....
Started with going to get the keg for the tailgate at like 7:30 in the am. And of course, something Had to go wrong. The first smart and final didnt have the pump that we paid for, so i had to go to Another smart and final to get that. But the tailgate was super fun (well i had fun and we all know that's all that really matters) and the game was Super fun...and despite the lack of sleep and consumption of beer, I stayed awake! that's how you Know it's riveting. After that I went to the screening...and then after That i went to zanzibar for a birthday party.
That was definitely one of the more socially awkward situations ive been in in a while. First off I was tired, and on top of that I only knew like 8 people there. And for the most part, they weren't 8 people that I was close to. But by the end, the music got good and I had a nice time. PLUS after that, ken, robby and I went to swingers and i got my veggie chili cheese fries! MMM.
Robby (our SCIA grad rep), now that's crazy stuff. Spending time with him made me realize what a small damn world it is. He's from UPenn so of course knows everyone and their momma.
Sunday got better basically because I slept in And went grocery shopping. Both are things I haven't done in like 6 weeks, so it felt good.
AFter work this morning, I spent pretty much all day at KOH working on video editing labs. It was tiring. but I gave up around 11:30 tonight. i have 2 more assignments, but's just not worth losing sleep over.

I decided that very few things are worth losing sleep over. they are: 1) a friend in need of anything 2) studying for a midterm or final or somethign important 3) getting scia stuff done
I think that really sums it up. My priorities ladies and gentlemen.

Ryan is an awesome KOH buddy. Question: when did i become such a computer nerd? It has seriously become exponentially worse this semester.

The coffee I was drinking at work today was labeled "Bright and Sparkling." Who the hell has ever had coffee that's bright and sparkling? Ever?

The thing i love about SC is that Ive been here 3 years, and have lived in pretty much the same place, etc...yet I swear, every weekend, I make at least one new friend. It's such a wonderful feeling. All these people I never knew existed..but they're so fun and open. it's nice.

I also love SC football. I was sitting there during the game saturday getting very very nostaligic...there's something about the feeling of being there with all these people who are just as excited as you. I cant imagine that any other school gets like trojans do..but maybe i'm wrong:)

I'm very excited about all these new SCIA initiatives to work with Health Sciences students to do the Health Fair and preprofessional counseling. I'm also very excited about culture show again :) hehehe

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Will work for food

Or beer I suppose. Whoa I haven't blogged in a while! My brain is all jammed up. This has been a nutty week. Speaking of nutty, check out this joke:
Two peanuts were walkin down the street...
...One got assaulted.
Anyway, yeah, finals & scia and ive finally started job hunting sort of daily. Slow, yet steady. We had a 4-hour board meeting on sunday night. Oh yes, that's right...FOUR HOURS.
I kinda like this active job searching sometimes because it's nice to talk to people and see who they know and who they know. People seem to be eager to help you use their connections. I had no idea that I was slightly connected to all these people until I started asking. I suppose I'm just as eager to help others, so it makes sense. Now I just gotta keep my fingers crossed.
Ok so midterms are here...that means..MID TERM...THAT MEANS ONLY A MID TERM LEFT. Holy mother of...
It's my dad's birthday. He's 59 today. That seems really old for some reason. I wish I was home right now.
Note to anorexic girls: PLEASE STEP OFF THE ELLIPTICAL MACHINE AND GO EAT SOMETHING. It's really nasty. The skin, bone, muscle/tendon combination really makes me want to vomit. And while, in a perfect world, this would be a good thing as it would help me lose weight...I'm not bulemic. So if you must go to the gym, please put something on. There are 2 distinctly anorexic girls that use the lyon center and it's really weird to see them right before my eyes. And I notice everyone else in the gym staring at them too. Ive always wanted to like approach them or something...but what are you supposed to say?
Oooh i can hear the ice cream man outside my window.

Second SCIA activity night tonight! YAY! We're playing mafia. I have class til 10 but i'll be there after!

I made a business card for my graphic design class today...if i can post it on this thing i will...its pretty awesome.

I'm glad you enjoy the blog adam. Good thing youre not doing work or something instead.

Friday, October 01, 2004

a Musing

At work, ordering lunch is such an ordeal. We literally start trying to figure out what to order at 9:45 in the morning. Clearly, we are a productive department. Actually we are. Today we decided on falafels! yay! my tummy is rumbling just thinking about it.

I have a lot to do today. I feel like this new intern doesnt do anything or is a jacktard. But maybe he's just new. I keep trying to remember what it was like when i first started to see if i was a jacktard. I guess i was.

I applied for my first job-job ever yesterday. It's a very strange feeling. The other day, kevin and santhosh were in my living room. Santhosh had been talking about med school stuff, and kevin had been talking about meeting with pwc. And i was talking about applying for jobs, and ketan and all these other kids are taking the lsat tomorrow. And i got the weirdest feeling..WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? Remember when it was just about grades. And it was just aimless studying. haha, well i guess it was never AIMless. HAH. I cant wait til everyone is working and has their own extensions at work and we can gossip. Yes I am the future of America.

Last night was fantastic. We played monopoly, and then poker with monopoly money, and then when everyone went home, i stayed up and watched the debate til 3. My thoughts on that are a whole nother blog. In short, I think Kerry made a few good arguments, it was nice to hear, but I feel like Bush is seriously going to win with this whole "sticking to his guns" thing, which honestly, I think he is using well to keep his voters. Despite his peabody, monkey like traits.

I was in my political ideology class yesterday -- which by the way i LOVE and if you get the chance to take comm 370 please do -- and i was thinking about the american dream. (when i have time i have all sorts of thoughts that are a result of this class that i will blog abt. sanjiv i'll want your comments, i bring you and your france escapades up a lot in that class) Anyway, so the american dream. I think my parents "achieved" the american dream. They came here with nothing and are happy and have these happy kids that they raised. (thats me) So do I have any sort of american dream? I dont think i do. That kinda makes me feel useless. So I thought to myself, i think I'm the american morning breath.

Brian (one of my supervisors) decided to change my password for filemaker pro. he changed it to sonananananana (so-n-na-na-na-na-na-na, like the na na an na's in will smith's gettin jiggy with it) it's a pain in the ass because not only do i have to sing it to log in (so i get the correct number of na's), but now any time someone asks me something, they walk over to me and say "so-na-na-na-na-na-na." and when brian does it, he shakes his ass. it's really ridiculous. we just played poker during our lunch hour and a half. this is the best place to work Ever. :)

none of you better start calling me so-na-na-na-na-na-na