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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chinese Chicken Salads

Ok, here's a question. Is calling a Chinese Chicken Salad a Chinese Chicken Salad offensive? I don't think I'd be offended if there was an Indian Curry Chicken Salad...and Rigo said he wouldnt be offended by a Mexican Chicken Salad. And I don't have any Chinese friends that told me they are offended by it...but there's just something about calling it Chinese that feels like it could be offensive.

Rigo asked if you could call it an Oriental Chicken Salad, but isn't that offensive cuz youre not supposed to refer to the far east as oriental? I think?

I think calling it Chinese could be bad because the salad itself is a combination of asian flavors - Chinese Chicken Salad suggests that all asian flavors (and by extension, all asians) could be called chinese. I think the best bet would be Asian Chicken Salad? Rigo informs me that McDonald's calls their's the Asian Chicken Salad. They obviously had some marketing genius on their end who thought through the potential of people being offended. Which obviously makes me a marketing genius.

Or, crazy.

Monday, June 12, 2006

things ive recently realized

You might have to bring your brain down a few notches for this one, folks.
1) I'm not really a fan of tangy foods. Very low tolerance for tangy-ness. Why do people like tangy berries so much? I have to scrunch up my face to eat them.
2) I'm excellent at putting my foot in my mouth. Today, a new employee (woman) shook my hand, squeezed my ring too tight and i cringed at her. And then I said, "my, that's a solid handshake you got there." Who says that? Especially to a chick.

How do you feel about tangy foods?