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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Flyin' Solo

I went to see a movie by myself the other day. What an amazing experience - I'd like to do it more often. I'd actually like to do a lot of activities by myself more often. Benefits of going to a movie on your own:
1)You can park wherever you want without anyone pointing out parking spots as you're driving past them. And you can park on the top level without having to worry about whether anyone else will mind.
2)If you get there early or late you dont have to ask anyone if they mind catching another show, or what they prefer
3) You can sit wherever you want - just plop down.
4) You can watch the previews uninterrupted if you feel like. Or play with your cell phone if you don't feel like it. No unnecessary whispering.
5) You dont have to ask anyone what they thought of the movie right after its over. And you don't have to answer that question right when the movie is over.
6) You don't have to stay through the credits if you don't want to
7) You don't have to wait for anyone to go to the bathroom, or feel a sense of urgency cuz someone is waiting if you do have to go to the bathroom.

I give going to the movies alone two thumbs up.

And I've officially queered the blog with my dumb jokes.

Stopping in...

It's weird how even when you're done with school, and youre still working the same hours you've been working all year round, and you live in southern california where the weather doesnt really change that much, the concept of summer still matters - a lot. It's different things that make it significant. This summer, for example, was like my weird black sheep summer of dating people. Baaaaaa. Weird. And this summer of lovin is abruptly coming to an end. Too bad. It's like labor day is going to signify the end of all things fun and the beginning of all things real. But how does my everything in my world know that it's summer? It's not even necessarily people...but things just line up all around the same time. Or events that have nothing to do with what season it is tend to happen at the same time. There must be some sort of energy that makes things happen. The same thing that makes you meet lots of new people when you find out you're losing lots of your current people.
Weird. And as i was writing this one of the new people just called. EVEN WEIRDER. But I am sad that the summer of lovin' is over.