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Life has become very busy. This space is for me to share my experiences, ramblings and quirkiness with anyone who cares to read them. I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you're someone I used to talk to a lot but have lost touch with. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Focus (one perspective)

The problem with being really focused and driven with a single goal, and then ignoring other situations that could be perceived as obstacles, is that life isn't that linear. If it was, it would get boring. Obviously focusing on a goal is good, but it's so important to maintain the peripheral view. If you don't, then eventually you will get bored. Especially if you are good at achieving things. If you achieve linearly, then you're doing something, getting bored, and doing another thing. If you maintain multiple priorities, life doesn't get as boring and you truly test your full potential - something I'd imagine would be much more satisfactory indeed.

On success, singledom, and marriage (but not too much)

I'm not one of those people whose work is their life. I like my work - but it is most certainly not my life. So it got me thinking, I'm never going to get like an award of achievement for anything I've done to symbolize my success. I'm just not that committed. So does that mean that I'm not successful? My inner Sona replied with a resounding "No!" I genuinely do have a different measure of success. And for the first time, I really believe it. It's nice to lift the restrictions of what we've already picked to symbolize success off your life, and then reevaluate yourself through a unique set of values. It's like mad libs, except you keep the fill-in-the-blank words the same, and change the framework.

After fleshing out some thoughts with Atish on Sunday, I kind of discovered that I don't have much to complain about. In fact, there is nothing worth complaining about. There will always be something to complain about, but it would just be to fill time. In terms of my single life..I think that I might have arrived. I could get married tomorrow, and not have any regrets really, or I could stay like this for the next 15 years and feel completely fulfilled. Pretty groovy.

Starting Again...Misc thoughts

Instead of blogging, I'd recently just been writing thoughts down in an email draft to myself - great because it's like a journal that moves with me wherever I go. While I wont share everything I've been thinking, here are some that I'm opening to public domain :-) Please comment if you'd like!

What is this word independence? I think it gets thrown around too freely. Almost as much as "intelligent." Way more people think that they are, or others are, independent than they actually are. Especially women - like it's this really attractive trait to men. But when you get to know them, it couldn't be farther from the truth.

I never understood how people could be so volatile in places like the middle east or Europe. I cant imagine being that passionate about anything. Maybe pledge multipurpose wipes. I'm pretty passionate about them. What's wrong with me?

I would hate to be one of those goofy people who are at a 3-d movie premiere, having their picture taken while wearing the glasses. It's just so silly looking, a sea of people with goofy glasses and big smiles on their faces.